Who are we?

We are a group of people from the local community who are committed to raising the profile of the hospital and fundraisng to improve the experience of staff, patients and their friends and family in our hospital. Below is a list of all the current committee members, why we enjoy being on the committee and what as individuals we aim to offer.

 MikeBrodie Mike Brodie
On occasions having been a patient in hospital and seen the task that doctors and nurses face in their every day work, the chance to help them, if only in a small way, means a great deal to me.  The work of The League of Friend meets that hope”  Michael.mikeandsuebrodie@btinternet.com
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AndrewTaylor  Andrew Taylor
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RobEdmonds  Rob Edmonds
 Karen Karen Sinclair
Committee Member
I work as a OD and Leadership Consultant for the NHS and bring knowledge and context of the health service system to the committee, as well as my organisational skills. I have lived in the area for more than ten years and feel passionate about adding value to the local community and making it the best place we can to live and thrive.
JacquiePritchard Jacquie Pritchard
Committee Member
Having nursed all my working life it is enjoyable being part of a group who try to make clients in our hospital and community have the best equipment available using monies kindly donated to the league of friends and also to raise money through some of our activity
 JennyKnight Jenny Knight
Committee Member
Born and lived locally most of my life. Married to a Farmer. Enjoy the practical side of the Committee e.g. coffee mornings, sales, organised the TV’ s to all wards, oversee the maintenance of hospital gardens which are enjoyed by all. Was Vice-chair on National Organisation for children with Special Needs for a number of years
 Could this gap be you?  We are looking for new members!  Contact us to find out more.
Kate Eveleigh
Committee Member
I’ve always wanted to “do my bit”, particularly for something that supports the community where I live. The community hospital is an important part of a community and helps when people are in particular need and I’m glad to be able to give my time to support it.

Rebecca Kelly
Committee Member
I work for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. I am an Occupational Therapist by background.  I live locally with my husband and have two daughters. We have all used the community hospital at some point and I am dedicated to ensure we support such a valuable resource.

Pauline Hoad
Committee member
I trained as a nurse and midwife and have worked locally for many years, I am now retired, but am very aware how important hospitals like Wallingford are for the local community.

Nigel Hessey
Committee memberI like being on the Committee of the League of Friends because it offers me an enjoyable way of supporting the excellent work of Wallingford Community Hospital. The Committee is well led, all the members work in a friendly way and our activities are all fun to contribute to.