How your donations help.

The objective of the League of Friends is to improve the lives of patients and staff of the hospital and other local people who are sick, disabled or infirm and to generally support the charitable work of Wallingford Community Hospital.

Ideas mostly come from staff, but we’re open to ideas from patients and their visitors  (see the bottom of the page how to make a suggestion).

Below are examples of what your donations have been used for.

We buy daily newspapers for patients on the wards, so they have something to read whilst in hospital, which are delivered by KP Stationers in Wallingford.

We invest in keeping the courtyard gardens looking smart in order to provide a pleasant outdoor space for staff and visitors to enjoy in the good weather.  We use local gardening business Garden B.  We’ve also invested in providing parasols and chairs and tables so there is some where to sit and stay cool in the shade.

Recognising that some patients may have no-one at home to stock their cupboards ready for their return home we have a fund available to provide food parcels for essentials to help them settle back in home, like milk, tea and staples like bread.

For the past couple of years, for those patients who are in the hospital over Christmas we organise a Christmas party, with musical entertainment, an afternoon tea, a visit by Father Christmas to deliver some presents and carols sung by children from the local primary school.

Many of the patients who stay at the hospital have dementia, so its been important to help them feel settled by bringing things from home.  One of the Friends made Memory Boxes for patients to display safely items from home.  Donations helped cover the cost of the materials.

In order to provide activities for patients to pass the time in hospital the money from donations were invested in a Tovertafel to improve patient experience.  The Tovertafel comes with various interactive games which encourage interaction between patients, which are designed with limited mobility and dementia in mind.

Your donations have enabled us to purchase state-the-art patient bedside chairs, which helps patients to get out bed and they are able to be wheeled around, which means patients can move around the ward to join in activities.

The hospital has a busy physiotherapy service and donations have enabled the hospital to have equipment to help patients regain their strength, balance and confidence to help keep them safe in their home, like balance balls, step machines and yoga mats.

Also housed in the hospital is the maternity unit and donations have enabled the wards to have extra breast-milk pumps or counterpains to make the birthing suites feel more like home.

The patient wheel-chairs to help patients from the entrance to the ward were getting rather tired and money provided by donors meant we could them replaced.

Being a community hospital many services are delivered in peoples homes or people need to get home and a car was bought with generous donations to help.

During the COVID19 crisis donations bought handcream for staff hands which were suffering from all handwashing.  Staff were working long hours and as a small thank you donations provided pizza and fruit baskets.